YTMovies is an app for watching full length movies in mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile and Tablets). Available as Lite version (with limited functions) and paid full version (just for US$0.99).


Watch Full Length Movies from YouTube. You can browse the movies by Genre, and Language. The listings can be sorted to watch movie only available for watching in the device. You can select movies based on most watched, Hits of the month or recently added movies. Movie list is dynamically updated, and new movie appears as immediate as the YouTube shows.Complete social sharing built-in in the app, you can share the movies through face book, twitter and email. You can email the movie links to you using the e-mail option, so that you can watch the movies in your Computer, without searching for the link again.

Note: The Lite version is having limited options; it is mainly for the demo of Pro version. There are no ads even in the lite version.

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Download for your Android devices:

Download for your iOS devices: (coming Soon....)

YTMovies-LITE (Free Version, with limited functions, No Ads)

Available in Android Market



(Fully functional paid version, Just for US$0.99 only. No Ads.) 



Available in Android Market